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Today I am a 6 Year Survivor of Breast Cancer.
I have never lived in a dream world. My life has been such that I have never been allowed. Reality has had a way of snaking itself into my life from a really early age. It hasn't been all bad. The lessons I have learned are pretty phenomenal. As a result of my life experience, one of the greatest things I have taken from it is my incredibly twisted sense of humor, which I love about myself. I amuse myself to no end.

That being said, I try with all of my heart to give others that come to visit here a small window of escape from their own problems and lives. Just a few minutes of mindless humor from my point of view that may allow others not to take life so seriously. I am so very grateful to those who stop by to read my blog. It let's me know that there IS hope for all of us, and that you believe in me as I believe in you.

Today, however is slightly more serious. I don't know if what I say may save your life, or the life of someone else. Someone you love with all of your heart. These are facts about breast cancer. Please don't turn away. Please don't move from the page until you have read them. You can read the facts in private and quiet away your discomfort all by yourself. Know one has to know that you don't know. Or that you don't WANT to know. Just learn from MY experience.

FACT #1 You don't have to feel a lump to have breast cancer. I didn't. I had breast cancer inside of my milk ducts.
FACT #2 If you have a bruise on your breast that doesn't go away, get it checked. There is more than one kind of Breast Cancer.
FACT #3 A mammogram can save your life. Yes they are uncomfortable. Yes it's a big old drag to take time out of your day to have your tata's squished flat. And yes it can be embarrassing. So what? Are you really using that as an excuse? And if they want to biopsy, just do it. It may be nothing. Don't get dramatic. If you have cancer, you'll have plenty of time for that later.
FACT #4 Breast Cancer is not an old lady's disease. I was in my thirty's. If there is history in your family, book a mammogram at 35.
FACT #5 Your doctor may try to deter you from having a mammogram, stating that "there is no lump" or "you are too young" or "you have no family history" Yes. That happened to me, and if I hadn't insisted, I would be dead. You HAVE to take care of yourself. If you can't afford it, there are clinics that offer them for free. Call around. Don't be lazy.
FACT #6 80% of lumps are harmless. But 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer.
FACT #7 By the time there is a lump, it's way more serious if it's found to be cancer. That's why you have to go early. Get the fucking mammogram.
FACT #8 Cancer is scary. But if you have Breast Cancer, today is the best time in history to have it. If they find it early, your odds of surviving are really really high. And even if they don't find it early (as in my case) your odds are still really good. You do however have to follow through.
FACT #9 The treatment does suck. Sometimes, if caught early, a lump can be removed. Sometimes there is no lump and then you have to have surgery and chemotherapy, which is given through an IV. You will lose your hair, which is really hard, because women have an identity through their looks. The chemotherapy will absolutely be terrible, but it will most likely save your life. You will get through it. The doctors are trying to save your life, not let the treatment kill you. Also, just rock a wig, or or wear your head bald. Also, this picture is not me or my kid. I didn't take any of when I was bald. Sadly. Because I have a great head. This picture speaks volumes though.
FACT #10 If you get breast cancer, even if it is the earliest stages and your treatment is almost nonexistent, (one day surgery, no chemo, just radiation)your life will be forever changed. You will be part of a club that you didn't sign on for. You don't, however, have to be dramatic and wear your 'cancer card' on your sleeve. If your intent is to educate people then great. If you just want pity, well...

Look. Having a great set of boobies is great. Losing your life because you couldn't or wouldn't isn't. People love you. And you have to survive for them.

Surviving and then continuing to survive is a whole other story, and one I will most likely run during breast cancer awareness month. Which is in October.

Make me proud, sisters.


Oona Eddleman said...

I ♥ u!

Joy Gorr said...

I love the way you say it & it's more than true!!! Love you!!

Rita Johnson said...

Said very well...thanks for reminding us of many things! Lost my mother-in-law at age 58 :(. Medicine has come a long way.

Katya Askar said...

whoooo hoooo taye taye!!

Katya Askar said...

ps I do my mammo regularly since I was 35 and I am due = so thank you for the reminder!

Lissa Baren said...

You are amazing!

Rita Johnson said...

Wow, I'm happy for you today!!

Laurie Peck said...

Congrats and although I still can't post a comment, I read every one of your entries. xo

Quincy Lee Whorf-Jovicich said...

You go baby.

Deb Lewis-Mehr said...

Nicely done, Taye!

Angela Lark Landy said...

Right On my girl!

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