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25 Random Things About Fat People

There is a game going around FaceBook called “25 Random Things About Me.” It is played by writing 25 random things about yourself, then posting them on the page. Then you pick friends on FaceBook and ‘tag’ them, in hopes that they will read your random facts, and in turn, write about themselves, and then tag others, etc.
I find it pretty interesting. For instance, I didn’t know my friend Erica went to Israel every summer, or that Kyrsha used to own a Sit N Spin. When I talked to my friend Angela, she was writing her 25 random things. I could jump on this bandwagon, and I think I will…but these random things of which I write will be about JUST fat people. And when I say fat people, I don’t mean just the morbidly obese, the borderline obese, or the really fat. I also mean regular fat people, the chubby people, and the girls who could lose a few. I am also generalizing, and they are facts that I have observed personally, so no one needs to get testy….

1. Fat people are not always jolly. But they are not always bitter either.
2. We do not want to be fat.
3. I am not lazy.
4. It is easier to maintain fatness than to lose weight.
5. We cook for our families, and eat what is easy and affordable. Sometimes its Macaroni and Cheese. Sometimes its not.
6. I do not hate skinny people, but admire their thinness.
7. I hate the attitude some skinny people have towards fat people.
7B. I hate the attitude some fat people have towards skinny people.
8. We want to dress cool.
9. There is only one major clothing chain that has some fashionable clothes for heavy women.
10. Designers tend to pick out ugly fabrics for fat peoples clothes. I don’t know why. I wouldn't buy most of the things offered for fatties as a skinny person either.
11. Some department stores have clothes for big women that are sort of cool.
12. Fatties don’t eat in public because someone will judge. Someone is already judging before we even sit down.
13. Fat people are clean.
14. Some fat people have medical disorders or take medicine that makes them fat.
15. We love our kids.
16. My kids are very lean, and very active.
17. We work really hard to look ‘hot.’
18. Even when we look hot, we mostly never feel like we are.
19. I rarely eat at McDonalds, and a lot of overweight people don’t eat there either.
20. I have feelings.
21. I can laugh at fat jokes.
22. We get cold. If we are older and are sweating it is because we are having a hot flash from menopause.
23. It hurts when we fall. We don’t bounce back up like rubber balls.
24. We do not float just because we are fat. Many of us know how to swim, however.
25A. You should not go jet skiing in the middle of the ocean when you are morbidly obese. Your jet ski will tip over and you will sink. I witnessed this.
25B. You must always be prepared to defend your fatness to others boldly and openly.

The truth is, there are so many people today that are overweight or nearing overweight, that it really comes down to choices, portions, education and exercise. Do something about it now is my motto.
By the way, I have joined Weight Watchers,( I LOVE it.


akvirtue said...

I love your blog - and you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this one! Some people are so easy to judge assuming that fat people are lazy over-eaters. Not always the case.

And I can't help but to laugh my butt off on number 23. I keep picturing it in my mind!

gottago said...

My personal contribution to the list:
Fat people wear fanny packs to hide what they don't want seen.
Fat people don't tuck anything in. (I just started tucking my tops in again!)

Great blog entry. You did what you said you'd do.

L, Linda

Katya Gutierrez said...

Oh Taye Taye! I love how you switch from "I" to "We" to "They"......wonder what that's about?! This was good, but a little sad. Much funnier at the dinner table. But it will get people thinking.

Lucille Rose said...

too funny.
You hit the cherry on the sundae...
I mean the nail on the head...
You are awesome.

Quincy said...

So funny and so sad at the same time. I love you and I relate.

Susan M. said...

: )