Google it...if you dare.

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Of Course you did!!

About Me and Mine


I am an average woman. I am married, have 2 children and live in the suburbs of Los Angeles. I have the same struggles as everyone, I guess. I feel fat most of the time. I relate when people say they are tired, for a variety of reasons. I am married to a man who I like to call BTM (Better Than Me) and my life is pretty busy.
Mostly I love life. I tend to look at it from a humorous stand-point, and what I think usually doesn’t come out of my mouth, because that would not be socially acceptable. I will however write those thoughts here.
I must warn you, it will not always be funny, and it will not always be about my big butt. For more about the tab at the top.


BTM stands for Better Than Me. He is my husband of 13 years, and he's pretty great most of the time. Except when he's better than me. He works hard, loves his family, and is fun to be around. He is a joiner. He is the hit of the party. He has OCD, but not in the medical way. He has ADHD, exactly in the medical way. His high energy is exhausting but it keeps life interesting at the same time.


IKE stands for I know everything. He's my 20 year old son, who who lived at home until he joined the NAVY and they kicked his ASS. IKE has huge entitlement issues. He is good looking, very smart, and was in college studying some shit, but because of no jobs available ANYWHERE he realized he most likely won’t get hired, and so now he has some job in the NAVY that he never talks about because I don't have the clearance. Honorable, but for crying out loud, this kid can’t find his ass with both hands in a closet with the light on. He is also not a joiner. Which is weird because he joined the NAVY.


The boy is my 7 year old. He is just like his dad. All energy all the time. God help me. I like to dress him up in costumes in the name of participating in school activies. You can see by his picture that he is very appreciative of my effort. He keeps us busy and rides a mean dirtbike.