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Ethiopians and Flies

You may have noticed flies walking around on my pages. That's because I am paying homage to BTM. He was telling me a couple nights ago how great and sexy he is because he has lost so much weight. Then he said "if you were as skinny as an Ethiopian and you had flies crawling all over your face, I wouldn't mind the flies." Really Fucker? And then when I added the flies he was all are you sure you want to add flies to a banner that talks about your butt? Because people might get the wrong message and think your butt stinks. And I was like, Shut up. What are you implying? And I must have given him a look that said I was going to rip his heart out of his chest which I tried to do once when I was pissed at him, and so now he knows the look and usually backs up a few steps when he sees it. But then he said it would make sense if I actually told the story about the Ethiopian comment instead of just putting flies on my banner and so I wondered why he would want people to know that he said that. Hence the flies. He probably just wants everyone to know he's sexy and thin. He is so self serving.

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Guerin Swing said...

Too funny !! Yours truly BTM