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Welcome to Resentment Round-Up! Resentment is our number one offender. If we don’t deal with the little things, they become big things. So just to get it off my chest, these are the things that have bothered me over the last week.

1. You know when there are multiple lanes on the freeway, and the cars in front of you line up and drive the same speed, which is always 57 miles per hour, and you can’t get around them? Mmmhmm.
2. And then there is a guy in the fast lane and he is driving 62 MPH? And he’s not old.
3. And then there is the lane jockey that keeps cutting you off because he is driving insane?

I hate it when it’s August and I look around and its 104 degrees out and then THAT house has Christmas decorations still up. And then I look around and it seems to be a trend. It’s August you lazy asses! And if you are one of these people and you are reading this: I.DON'T.CARE.

My feelings are hurt because I am new to this blogging thing and I read that I am supposed to comment on other blogs that get a big audience, so that they can get to know me. And then I made a comment, and I was really excited because I was one of the top 50 comments, and then I checked to make sure it had posted, and it had, but when I went back to check this morning, it had been deleted by the admin. She is so threatened by me. And guess what? It’s ON Biatch! I WILL win your bloggy award next year!

BTM and The Boy seem to think I am their personal maid. Would throwing your trash away and not on the floor kill you? Or maybe try getting your clothes in the basket and not just fling them around the room. I am sick of cleaning my house. And I have decided to use paper plates and cups and plastic serving ware for the next 2 weeks. I hope the plastic fork stabs you in the lip. (too harsh?)

Poor Eddie peed on my foot. No wonder he was in the pound when I got him. You would think he would be grateful I saved his hairless ass. And he peed on BTM’s hat, which we then threw away. But if BTM didn’t throw his hat on the floor then it wouldn’t have happened.


I called the boys’ doctor to get a refill on his prescription. He won’t fill the whole thing because I need to make an appointment to come in to see him. I got 10 pills. The appointment is in 16 days. Clearly I need to find a doctor that count.

I got a splinter under my fingernail and I can't get it out and now I am afraid it's going to travel through my bloodstream and into my heart.

I think that’s it. Feel free to add your own personal resentments below. Get it off your chest. You will feel better. Really.


Anonymous said...

Katya Askar I am laughing my ass off right now

Tasty's Big Butt said...

Laurie Peck I hate Christmas in December, too