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Of Course you did!!


The day after Christmas

I am contemplating eating a big bowl of popcorn. I am furious with one of my lifelong friends because she is unreliable and flaky, and it has made me very nervous that she may not come watch my dogs for me while I am gone on vacation.
Also, you should see my house. The last 6 weeks have exhausted and overwhelmed me. There has been a kitchen remodel, and a christmas party, and christmas, and teenagers going on vacation, and mountains of laundry and toys. And my dogs think the christmas tree was put there for them to pee on. My husband asked me, through much gagging and watery eyes, as he cleaned up after them, just how much longer I planned on keeping them. And now I am packing for another vacation for the whole family and instead of trying on my ski outfit from years ago, when my butt wasn't the size of the ocean, I just went out and got a new one. I was going for slimming black, but all they had in my size was hot pink. Shouldn't notice my ass in that.
Anyway, back to that popcorn. It has been a wonderland of food and fun this last 4 weeks. The 7 pounds I lost before Thanksgiving came back on with glee,and the next 7 came on just for laughs. So I am thinking, what's one bag of popcorn? Did I say bag or bowl? Who cares, anyway.
A couple of friends have called to announce delightfully how great their eating has been through the holidays. How light and free they feel because they are 'committing' what they are eating to each other. Yay!
Anyway, you don't know me yet. Here's to getting to know each other in the New Year.

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