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Everything Hurts.

Everything hurts.
It started innocently enough; Go rent some boots and skis, layer the clothes, hit the slopes. I mean, I had my hot pink outfit, and this was not my first time. I’ve been skiing since I was 5 years old.
So there I am, I got dressed first, and then got my little boy dressed. For those of you who know, getting a four year old dressed for winter is a sport in itself. My husband offers no help, as he is worse than a girl when he gets ready. So now I am sweaty and frustrated, and by the time we are walking out the door, my husband announces he has to go to the bathroom. So of course my son had to go to the bathroom too, and so we started the whole process over.
One hour later we have dropped the boy off at snow boarding school, and we are ready to go. We decided to start slow for a warm up and got to the chairlift. “What a nice ride”, I thought, “ Short, not too high, the weather is great.” By the time I was halfway down the slope I had to question my sanity. “What was I thinking? I don’t work out. I haven’t been skiing in years. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast…how can I expect my muscles to remember how to move? “
I will tell you this…by the time I got down the hill my legs were screaming at me, and I was debating on how to tell my husband that the money he had spent on my lift ticket was wasted. The good news is I was so busy trying to just make it down the hill without collapsing from exhaustion, or hurting myself really badly, that I had absolutely no time to look think about my big butt. That is, until my husband, (and from here on out I will just call him ‘better than me’ OR btm…to be explained later) took a picture of me. Holy crap.

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gottago said...

Oh how fun your journal is. I think you've found it, "it" being that god given gift.....of writing. Keep this journal up. Write once a day. Make it a basic. And possibly this practice will lead you to the answer you've lately been asking about what to do with your life.

Writing is the only thing that slows me down enough to allow my mind the luxury of focusing on one thing at a time. Writing without thought is when I am slowed down enough that inspiration comes. I never know where I am being led, but I trust I'm led to a better place than where I might chose to go.

Having hobbies RULES!

AND, by the way, so does clean eating.
Keep the writing up and the weight will go down. Day 27 for me today.

Much love and respect.

Your sponse, Linda