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Dear Cher; I Am NOT A Detractor!

Well Now I have gone and done it. I have started a whole family feud with my remarks about Chaz Bono dancing on DWTS. As such, this is to Cher.

She was on some website where the following took place:
(Cher) went on to characterize Bono's detractors as "bigots," seething, "Mothers don't stop getting angry with stupid bigots like Tasty who f--k with their children!"

First of all, I am not a detractor. I used to drive tractors when I lived on the farm and I had plenty of fun. I have nothing against tractors.

Since I'm not even really versed on what being a bigot is, I went to Wikipedia and it says
"The predominant usage in modern English refers to persons hostile to those of differing sex, race, ethnicity, religion or spirituality, nationality, inter-regional prejudice, gender and sexual orientation, homelessness, various medical disorders particularly behavioral disorders and addictive disorders."

Since that is not me, the only thing I have a problem with is the fact that Chaz has said, in his own words, that he is only going to wear tasteful tuxedos when he dances. I am not a bigot. I heart Chaz!

I just think he needs to be more open-minded. He is asking us to be open-minded about the fact that he is a 300 pound transgender male dancing with a gorgeous girl. Yes, we will be judging him on his dancing ability, and the fact that HE IS YOUR SON. I'm just saying, it's a lot of pressure. You are a hard act to follow.

Cher, I would also like to remind you that I am a transgender transvestite (please see Dear Chaz on Tastys Big Butt)and I have nothing against the personal decisions that Chaz makes.

I would just like to see him waving around a big red piece of cloth when he is dancing the Paso Doble.

That said, I have started to think that maybe Chaz does have a chance to get through the first couple of rounds. Folks are gonna want to see if he is half the performer that you are.
So I hope this puts to rest that you think I am against your son. I have already stated that I will vote for him.
Also, those guys over at ABC are some smart mo fuckers...

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