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Retail Secrets, Diet Pills and Day One

Total goal weight to lose: 50 pounds Lost to date: 0

Are you aware that Target has already displayed their swimsuit line? For those of you paying attention…it is JANUARY. I am convinced (after giving it quite a lot of thought) that it is a marketing ploy in order to raise sales. Follow me here;
Target knows that we have all made resolutions to lose weight, get fit, get healthy, whatever. Target also knows that many of us women will go buy clothes smaller than we can fit into for ‘inspiration.’ So, we go buy these swimsuits swearing that by swim season we WILL fit into it. Only to find out, when swim season comes around (and I am speaking for the majority)that we DO NOT fit into said swimsuit. We question our sanity one more time, then go back to Target to purchase a new suit that fits. Having lost or filed the original receipt from the suit purchased in January, we simply just spend the extra money and call the whole thing a wash. Target is Brilliant!
The dieting industry is huge. We are inundated by ads that promise quick results, or ads that offer exercise equipment that will magically and easily burn fat right off your ass. I have researched and tried a great many of them, spending thousands for results that I did not achieve.
Diet pills are not for me. There are over the counter, famous oldies, like Dexatrim, and new ones like Thermlean and Venom Hyperdrive. There are prescription diet pills in varying doses that I do not qualify for, my pharmacist informing me of the potential side effects such as death if taken with the current medication I am on.
The FDA has recently released the former prescription Orlistat on the over the counter market, also know as Alli. Taking this in combination with fatty foods will have you running to the bathroom with the trots!
We are then given ‘program choices,’ all of which work if you are diligent enough to stay with them. You got Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, And Lindora. Medifast, The Cookie Diet, ands South Beach, not forgetting the make-your-breath-foul Atkins. Foregoing good tasting foods for prepackaged processed cardboard-like yummies was all the rage for the last couple of years. Gaining ground on these ‘diets’ is the really incredible, change your lifestyle weight watchers, which encourages you to eat real foods within reason, teaching you not overindulge, but not denying you the foods you love and crave.
If you need help staying on a good eating regime, there are 12 step programs which help you to check in with others and realize why you eat for emotional comfort. HOW and Overeaters Anonymous have helped thousands shed pounds and keep them off, all while balancing your emotional and spiritual psyches.
Oh yes, the choices are limitless, and I am exhausted. That is why I hired a nutritionist. A pro. Someone who can tell me what foods work with my body, and will teach me how to eat. I am not looking forward to it, but I am looking forward to the results. I am on my own move-more-eat-less-crap lifestyle changing regiment that I hope will result in in a new, svelte mind and body combination.
Thanks for the show of support , the loving lectures, the recipes, and the open forum that has been created by you all.
In the name of not setting myself up for disappointment, I will NOT be buying a swimsuit before it is time. I have however started my eating plan today. Wish me luck and willpower.


Anonymous said...

my own personal struggle in this area has been the biggest demon for me. I know how hard it is to even look at the wagon, much less consider getting on it or god forbid - ACTUALLY climbing aboard and taking a bumpy ride. i wish you all of the luck and willingness to do something different. looking foward to seeing you ride the wagon. much love to you, sister.

Joanna said...

You go girl! I'll be watching.

gottago said...

I won't wish you luck. I wish you better. I wish you Surrender.
I won't wish you willingness, but I absolutely wish you the willingness to pay attention and remember your Surrender.

I love you very much. And...whether you do or don't whatever, I still love you.